Friday, February 27, 2009

Day Of Prayer - Yes on Proposition 8

February 27, 2009

Dear Friend,

Proposition 8 was put before the people of California, and by a wide margin of 600,000 votes became a part of the California Constitution (Article 1, Section 7.5). Next Thursday, March 5, the California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments to determine whether the sovereign will of the people should be upheld, and whether marriage between only a man and a woman will stand.
This is the most important legal issue impacting families in a generation. The outcome of this case is “do or die” for traditional marriage. If the California Supreme Court were to overrule the vote of the people (for the second time) it would not be long before homosexual marriage is the law of the land across this country., the committee responsible for enacting Prop 8, urges you and all our supporters to take action. We are declaring this Sunday, March 1, to be a Day of Prayer for Marriage .
Proposition 8 was supported by over 7 million voters, and we call on those who support traditional marriage to pray for it to be upheld. Please ask the Lord for wisdom for the Justices of the California Supreme Court. Pray, also, for those who oppose this amendment to our Constitution, that they would understand our motivation is to affirm traditional marriage, not to offend any person or group.
Activists who oppose Prop 8 are organizing a candlelight vigil in several cities for March 4, followed by a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court building in San Francisco on March 5. Organizers against Prop 8 are calling for a march of 100,000 people to the Court building ( click here to view their events list). It has come to our attention that many Prop 8 supporters are also making plans to appear at the steps of the Supreme Court building on the morning of March 5. We welcome your participation , but request that all messages on homemade signs affirm traditional marriage, avoiding offensive statements regarding alternative lifestyles. If you are in close proximity to San Francisco, plan to arrive by 8 a.m. at the court, located at 350 McAllister. We do not wish to provoke or permit any kind of confrontation with our opponent s. Please avoid any such activity carefully. Our only purpose is to remind the media, Californians and Americans everywhere that support for traditional marriage is the majority position in the state. Twice now voters have supported traditional marriage and rejected gay marriage. We won the Prop 8 election. The constitution has been amended. The will of the people should now prevail. is the only group that will appear before the Supreme Court to uphold the vote of the people enacting Prop 8 and affirm traditional marriage as the law of the land. The upcoming Day of Prayer will provide a vehicle for all our supporters to express their own support for traditional marriage and to call on God, the author of marriage, to bless the arguments our attorneys will present to the Court and to grant the justices wisdom as they consider the arguments.
Thank you for your support of Proposition 8. Please participate in the Day of Prayer this coming Sunday and, if you are in proximity to San Francisco, come to the steps of the Supreme Court building at 8 a.m. on March 5 to show your support for Prop 8.
To make a financial contribution to the Proposition 8 Legal Defense Fund, click here .
Thank you so much for your attention and support.

Very truly yours,

Ron Prentice
Chairman, Yes on 8

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Begining Starting Weight 362.1

So I am back. This has been a great few months of eating since I stoped writing on the blog in May. I ate alot of fast food, full strength soda and and did I mention soda. I think I have a little problem. On our recent cruise to Mexico I think that they lost money on me when it came to my soda card. I cost $48 dollars for the 8 days. I got my money worth. The guys at the bar got tired of seeing me every few minutes or so. I am happy to report that I have put back all the weight that I had removed at the beginning of 2008. I think I even added a little more. You can never say I am not a giver. Any way sorry for the let down of the previous year. I am going to try and try and try again. A little back ground on the picture, when we got to Cobo it was so hot and so alot of the other nice looking gentleman had there shirts off so I thought why not. I think I brought it.

P.S. The picture at the top of my blog is dedicated to my mother-in-law. I knew she would want to see it every time she came to my blog.

These are some of the things that I will be doing this year to stay in shape.
aerobics: low impact 170
aerobics: high impact 238
elliptical trainer: general 213
calisthenics: vigorous, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, pullups 272
weight lifting: light/moderate 108
weight lifting: vigorous 207
running: 6.7 mph (9 min/mile) 374
walk: 4 mph (15 min/mi) 170
stretching: mild, hatha yoga 85
ice skating: moderate intensity 238
sledding, toboggan, bobsled 238
skiing/snowboarding: downhill, moderate effort 204
operating a snow blower: walking 153
shoveling snow: by hand 238
vacuuming 119
cleaning house: general, light 87
decorating Christmas tree 85
food shopping: with cart 78
christmas shopping 78
playing w/kids: moderate effort 153
baking and food preparation 136
Unloading car 102

reading: sitting 44
standing in line: light, holding items 68
sitting, watching TV 34
writing Christmas cards 61
wrapping gifts 51
socializing, standing 61
playing cards 51

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nick Week Nineteen 313.5 {-9.9} Total Loss 47.6

Well it has been a while since I have posted. I just have not been into taking the time to post. I am still felling good about my weight. I have just decided that this is the way that I am going to live my life (losing weight) so I am not going to post pictures for the rest of my life, so I thought that I would do it every couple of weeks. I do need to get out and exercise more. I have been using the excuse of golfing as my form of exercising. It is good exercise walking for four hours. I have been doing that at least once a week. and sometimes more if Nicole allows, I mean time. Anyhoo not that anybody cares but there it is. By for now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

David week 17...337.6 lbs. (-3.2 lbs.) Total Loss 39 lbs.

Hey there!  I'm back after taking a week off of blogging.  I guess I just got busy.  Last week I did weigh in and I was 339.8 so I lost a pound in week 16 and 2.2 more this past week.  I've been doing really well and I just CAN'T WAIT until I am back down below 300 lbs.  I feel really good but I know I will feel amazing when I get to my goal weight of 250.  
I did have a bit of a setback 2 weeks ago.  I was playing basketball, as I usually do every thursday night, and my foot came down hard on someone else's foot (poor guy) and the next morning I could barely walk on it.  I was hoping I just bruised it but everyone is saying that it is probably plantar fasciitis.  Which means I probably won't be able to play basketball for a few weeks which sucks really bad because it was the only really HARD exercise I got.  I bike 40 miles a week but basketball is a lot more intense.  So I'm pretty bummed but I guess I just have to make up for it by eating even better than I am.
Since this blog is our story about our journey to getting "sexy" I thought I would share a funny story from the other night.  I DJ the youth dances at church and a girl from a different stake came up  and I thought she was going to request a song, but instead she asked me to dance!!!!  I didn't know what to say because she had made the trip from her group of friends all the way up to the stage and I felt really bad but I said " Uh...I'm married"  and she said surprised "YOUR MARRIED??!!" and I said " I have 2 daughters"  and so she turned red and ran away back to her friends.  It was pretty funny but also pretty awkward.   

Thursday, April 17, 2008

David week 15...340.8 lbs. (-2.2 lbs.) Total Loss 35.8 lbs.

I did pretty good this week.  I had actually broken into the 330's about mid-week, but then the weekend came and I blew it.  Oh well, thats my goal for this week is to make sure I am at least 338

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nick Week Fourteen 323.4 {-6.4} Totoal Loss 37.6lbs

I know! I know! I know! Where have I been for the last few weeks. I have lots of excuses but I will not bore you with them. I do have to say sorry to all my loyal fans, who check the blog weekly and then they get nothing. I will be better. Shout out to Big Dave for doing so well at losing weight and also getting his blog on every week. If only we could all be that committed. I have not exercised much lately but have been working lots. The working lots has probably been the reason for the weight loss. I know that I need to get back to the gym. It is so hard taking that first step after not going for so long. You would think I would go since I am paying for it. I just like to know it is there if I want it. I get home from work so tired and then the thought of having to go work out when I feel like I have worked out all day just does not sound great. I Have to say Nicole suggests it often but I always have an excuse. I SUCK! Just do it dummy. I will, just shut up about it all ready. Sorry just a conversation I was having with myself. Well off to the gym, I mean to watch T.V. The gym will be there tomorrow.

David week 14... 343.0 lbs. (-3.4 lbs.) Total Loss 33.6 lbs.

YES!! Another 3 pounds down! (3.4 to be exact)  I'm feeling good even though I just had L&L Barbecue at my sisters house.  It wasn't my fault okay!!!  We went over there for dinner and thats what she brought.  I was actually pretty happy though because I haven't had L&L for a long time and I love that place.
I've been doing really well during the week during work because I pack my lunch and never buy lunch except for the occasional Togo's turkey on wheat.  My worst day is usually Sunday because we are usually just lounging around the house or we're with the rest of the family having a huge meal.  I'm doing better though.
Exercising is great because I really love it now.  I'm seeing improvements in all that I'm doing.  Riding my bike to and from work is cake now and I think i am actually building some muscle from lifting weights.  I'm also seeing improvement on the basketball court as well, so it's been fun.  Today Kenji said he thinks he's going to try to do a triathalon in August and it got me thinking that that would be a great goal for me to try in 2009.  So I think I'm going to shoot for it.  I guess I better start swimming.  Until next week....good day